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By | April 13, 2011

If you have reached this page I’m almost sure you are suffering from acne, you have tested lots of products and you are still searching for crème de la crème acne treatment. Some treatments probably did not work and others maybe even created more problems, however let’s have a look at the brand new Clear Skin Max product.

Clear Skin Max is a quite new 6-step acne treatment created not only for dealing with the so-unwanted acne but also for preventing its appearance in the future. According to Roduve HealthCare Solutions (the company that is selling this product), if used daily, this product’s active ingredients help treating, preventing and minimizing the appearance of spots, blackheads and not only.

This 6-piece acne treatment seems to be a complete solution for clearing and purifying your skin and a revolutionary method for getting rid of acne, once and for all, all due to its ingredients. The complete system below:

clear skin max 6-step kitHere is what you will get:

- The 6-step 100% natural system packed with Tava Tea

- Free worldwide shipping

- 30-day money back guarantee

- clinically proven anti-acne treatment with permanent effects

But how does it work? Clear Skin Max comes packed with 6 different products for fighting acne:

1. Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Gel

With its Chamomile and Bladderwrack extract, plus the Tea Tree Oil, this gel has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, thus making it a redoubtable weapon for your acne breakouts. Although main use of Bladderwrack extract was to help with weight loss, recent studies revealed that it can be a great remedy to regain skin’s elasticity. The Chamomile is also proven to reduce inflammation and regain your skin’s elasticity. This is the first part of the 6-step system – should be used twice a day, early in the morning and late in the night.

2. Skin Soften and Melanin Expel Essence

Vitamin B3 will help your skin to balance its fatty acids and will prevent it from dehydrating. It helps your skin to regain a healthy and young appearance. Containing Algae extract, this Essence should be used after you have cleaned your face with the cleansing gel for opening your pores first. According to producer, it should be used after you have applied the cleansing gel from step 1 and can also be used every night, after you have removed your make up (in case you are using).

3. Acne Vanisher Mask

A natural mask made of comfrey extract (Allantoin) – it has anti-irritating properties, a soothing effect and it acts like a “healer” for your skin. Remove the skin impurities with this natural exfoliator and get a new look for your facial skin. It should be used only once or twice each week, depending on how severe your acne problem is.

4. The Conditioning Lotion

Once your pores have been opened, the next “fight” will be against new bacteria trying to get in and making acne appear again. This lotion contains some organic ingredients that are clinically proven to help with your beauty: Allantoin for healing the damaged tissues and Witch Hazel. A good way to protect your skin from free radicals/bacteria.

5. Acne Treatment Emergency

Ingredients such as Olive Oil extract and lots of vitamins like Vitamin E and B3 will help preventing acne breakouts, reduce the existing pimples and help your skin regain its health and beauty. This is like a Swiss Knife against acne breakouts: once a zit appears on your face use the Emergency kit two-three times a day for drying it out and stop it from reappearing. Moreover, due to Vitamin E, the Acne Treatment Emergency makes a great choice for treating and preventing acne scars. (Vitamin E has been clinically proven to help in fighting with scars created by acne)

6. Tava Tea Anti Acne

The Tava Tea Anti Acne is the last product from this system, but also the one that got our attention the most, while dealing with acne from the inside! Created as a mix of 3 medicinal teas well known for their healing properties, this final step was designed for calming inflammations and dealing with bad-looking spots. Containing Peppermint Tea, Wild Chrysanthemum and Licorice Root this special tea will definitely make the difference while fighting with acne from the inside: should be consumed about 6 to 8 cups of tea each day.

Final verdict:

•    30-day money back guarantee
•    Free shipping
•    Tava Tea – the only ingredient that fights with acne from inside the body is offered for free with the Clear Skin Max Kit!
•    Permanent effects – the vendor claims that unlike other products, this one permanently treats acne. Moreover, due to its natural ingredients, this product does not only treat it but also prevent acne symptoms from occurring on your skin
•    Suitable for treating adult acne
•    No more blackheads guaranteed by vendor
•    Does not dry skin as other products do
•    Fast results – according to testimonials, most people saw benefits after only 5 days

With all these natural ingredients, with NO SIDE EFFECTS, with 30 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and with FREE SHIPPING, this product is definitely our top-rated acne treatment. You can visit the official website by clicking below:

LATEST UPDATE: Clear Skin Max is no longer available!

21 thoughts on “Clear Skin Max Reviews

  1. Mary

    I’ve had some fantastic results with the Clear Skin Max and I told all my friends to try it. Simply brilliant and cheap. Glad to have find I am not the only one satisfied with this product.

  2. SuzanneP.

    Hey, thanks for the discount code, I’m going to try this. Hope it will help me get rid of acne, once and for all!

  3. Jennifer

    Tried the coupon code you have posted on your site and it really works! :)
    Already bought the kit and will come back to share my thoughts about its effectiveness, really keen to see some results with this Clear Skin Max treatment.

  4. Peter

    I read that this Clear Skin Max kit is recommended by Dr. Ikram Abidi, that’s more than enough for me! I’m almost 30, still having some serious acne problems and I’m definitely going to try this product as well.

    Thanks for the discount code!

  5. Jennifer

    Hey, I’m back! After reading your Clear Skin Max review I decided to go for it and bought the whole kit. Received it and started using it. What can I say, there are already some positive results so for now my “verdict” would be – YES, this kit really works!

    Will add more words once I finish using this treatment. Thanks Alex!

  6. Tina

    Was a little skeptical but after reading what other users have said plus your Clear Skin Max review I decided to give it a try so now waiting for my package to “land”. Looking forward for some good results and thanks for the Clear Skin Max coupon code!

  7. Agatha Palin

    Clear Skin Max is indeed IMPRESSIVE!! I saw fantastic results in only 1 week and by fantastic I mean REALLY fantastic!

    I wish I would have found your Clear Skin Max coupon code sooner, I bought it at full price.. :)

    Definitely RECOMMENDED!

  8. Leonard

    Just received the clear skin max kit two days ago and started using it immediately…have not seen any positive effects for now though, maybe it’s just too early for results?

    The CSMNY coupon works though…

  9. LadyS.

    I began the Clear Skin Max treatment about 2 month ago and it is absolutely fantastic, I cannot help loving it! I cannot say which one of those steps I like more, but one of my favorite ones is the acne treatment emergency – saved me a couple of times before going to parties/meetings…

    This is my first review ever but it is a product that really worth it. A MUST have for anyone suffering from acne!


  10. Helen

    I was wondering, my son has some sever acne problems and my husband and I cannot find a treatment that can be used without any side effects on his skin. Is Clear Skin Max suitable for teens or should I look into another acne cream? Would be really interested in finding a solution for my son’s problem and this one seems affordable and effective….

  11. Ahmed

    It’s fantastic,,,like walla bro no questions this sharst is off the hook!

  12. Danielle Ferguson

    I searched for a place to buy Clear Skin Max at a discounted price and I’m glad I’ve landed on your website. Not only that I got that great coupon but Clear Skin Max also did wonders for my skin.

    Thanks Alex, already buying a 6-month pack!

  13. nick

    hey guys,
    where is the discount code and where do i put this discount code on? i cant find it on the website…

    1. Alex Post author


      The discount code is no longer available because there has been a major price cut to all packages. :)

  14. isaura

    i would likd to know if your product also help with the acne scars ?

    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Isaura, due to containing vitamin E it is indeed helping skin recovering from acne scarring.

  15. Candy

    Hi, I’ve been suffering from acne since 1 year and it’s quite serious. I have lots of pimples and acne on my cheeks, I even hav redness and some pimples on my chin and forehead , basically I’m in a bad condition. Alex or anyone please help me out and tell me would it be a effective treatment? I’m 15 . Would it help me in a fast way? I know most of us have suffered from acne so please understand my condition and help me. I want my pimples and acne to go without leaving marks FAST. Please help me, please. Thankyou in advance :D

  16. Candy

    Candy here, again.
    Please I would love a fast reply. I’m in a horrible condition . My self confidence is totally gone, I keep hiding my face from everyone. My cheeks are full of acne. Please I’m 15 I beg you to help me out. Should I use clear skin max? Alex please reply soon :D and specially people who have used this product , please tell me whether I should use it or not, I have severe acne on cheeks and little bit on chin and forehead.

    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Candy!

      The best advice I could give you is to consult a doctor first. I myself am not a doctor and would be unfair to tell you “try it” without not knowing exactly your condition. :)

      Please speak with your parents and go visit a doctor that is specialized in acne treatments. You will be fine… :)

  17. Katy

    Hi, I have a lot of acne on my cheeks. I would like to know that whether it is a fast treatment or a slow one? in how many days would I be able to see a difference?
    Thankyou , awaiting your reply :)


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